We offer a variety of consultation options, both in store and onsite for your home or business.

We would be thrilled to meet with you at your project site so we can learn more about your lighting needs. By having us on site, we can assist you with the placement of electrical boxes and the selection of fixtures that will suit your new environment. This also enables us to get a feel for the architectural style and scale of the project.

As part of an in store consultation, we will work with your blue prints to create a custom lighting plan or revise an existing one. While in our showroom, we can show you sample fixtures and finishes. Feel free to drop in with questions or call to make an appointment.

Whether your project is new construction, a remodel, or the renovation of a dated kitchen or bathroom we are here to lend our expertise.

Finished Luxe Lighting projects

Beautiful lighting is an essential element of a comfortable and welcoming space. Make your home a reflection of your personality, from the front door to the back porch, and all lighting in between.

With over 30 years combined experience in the world of lighting, our staff ensure that Luxe is not just a place to purchase beautiful and functional lighting, but also a platform for an ongoing conversation about lighting and design. From the beginning stages of a project through to the finish, we guide you through the process of creating lighting solutions for your home or commercial space.

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